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What’s the Cost of a New Garage Door Opener?

When you purchase a new garage door, the existing opener can sometimes be reused. But with so many functions and features built into today’s garage door openers, about 66% of homeowners choose to purchase a new one. The cost for a new opener typically starts around $600 and can increase depending on the opener you choose and its unique features. Openers are also considered to be a capital improvement when installed at the same time as a new door–so there is a tax saving opportunity, as well.

It’s also important to note that an unbalanced door puts more strain on the gears and motor of your opener. When a new door is installed and it is properly balanced, an opener that has stress points from a previously unbalanced door is likely to break within the first few uses. Should your opener fail after opening and closing your door a few times, it will require an additional appointment and service fee for the replacement visit.

So while you may be paying more upfront, a new opener can help your new garage door operate smoothly and safely, saving you money in the long run.