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Repair or Replace: Deciding on Your Garage Door Opener

So, your garage door opener is acting up, and you’re faced with the dilemma: repair or replace? Let’s navigate through your options.

Opt for Repair if:

  • It’s relatively new but experiencing issues: A professional inspection can often identify and rectify problems like loose parts or disconnected wires. Simple adjustments may restore your opener’s functionality, such as tightening the belt or chain for smoother operation.
  • It’s still under warranty: If your opener is within the warranty period, repairs may be covered. However, ensure the warranty terms align with the malfunction and that user error hasn’t voided it.
  • The repair cost is under $650: Cost-effective repairs, like keypad or remote replacements, are viable if they don’t exceed this threshold.

Consider Replacement if:

  • It’s over 12 years old and heavily used: Aging openers, especially in high-traffic homes, pose reliability concerns. Considering the critical role of the garage as a primary access point, replacing an aging opener offers peace of mind.
  • The repair cost exceeds $650: Spending more on repairs than the cost of a new opener isn’t economical. Opting for replacement ensures long-term reliability and cost savings.
  • It wasn’t properly installed: An improperly installed opener jeopardizes safety and functionality, warranting replacement for proper installation and operation.
  • You desire upgraded features: Modern openers offer advanced technology for convenience, security, and safety, including smartphone control, enhanced safety features, and battery backup capabilities.

New Opener Cost:
It’s important to note that the starting price for a new garage door opener is $650. This investment not only ensures you have a reliable system but also provides access to the latest features and technology.

Ultimately, the decision hinges on factors like age, repair costs, and desired features. Whether repairing or replacing, ensuring proper installation by a reputable company is crucial for optimal performance and safety. Ready to explore your options? Give us a call today!