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Decorative Hardware Glossary

When it comes to enhancing your garage door’s aesthetic appeal, decorative hardware offers a wide array of options. To help you navigate through the different types of decorative hardware available, we’ve compiled a handy glossary:

Strap Hinges: These hinges are placed horizontally on the door and are designed to replicate the appearance of hinges found on original carriage house doors. They add a touch of vintage charm and mimic the look of swing-out doors.

L Hinges: Typically positioned in the corners of the door, L hinges can also be placed below the windows for a more dramatic effect. They contribute to the overall aesthetic and can enhance the visual appeal of your garage door.

Handles: Available in various designs, handles are typically installed in the center of the door at waist height to mimic real handles. While they add decorative flair, it’s important to note that handles on doors with openers are not functional for lifting or lowering the door. Functional handles can be installed on doors without openers for added security.

Clavos: These decorative nails are traditionally arranged in patterns across the door, creating a majestic or medieval look. They are installed by drilling individual holes into the door and screwing the clavos in place. However, it’s essential to be aware that some door companies may not install clavos due to the potential for imperfect placement. Clavos are available in square or circular shapes and vary in size, allowing for customization.

Ring Handles: Similar to front door knockers, ring handles are rings attached to a solid metal backing. They serve a purely decorative purpose and can impart a rustic aesthetic to your garage door.

It’s important to remember that while decorative hardware enhances the visual appeal of your garage door, it should not be relied upon as a grab point for opening or closing the door. With multiple designs and materials available, you can mix and match decorative hardware to create your ideal look and elevate the curb appeal of your home.