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Selecting a Quiet Opener

As the largest moving part of your home, you’ll likely want a garage door and system that operates quietly. While material and construction play a role in a noisy garage door system, the noise generated from a properly functioning opener primarily comes from the chain or belt. When addressing noise concerns related to openers, you’ll want to factor in whether your garage is attached to your home or not.

Chain drive openers run on a steel chain and are very durable but tend to be noisy. They are often less expensive than a belt drive opener and are a great option for a detached garage or home that does not have an adjacent living space.

Belt drive openers run on a steel-reinforced belt and are virtually silent. Just as reliable as chain drive openers, belt drives are recommended for homes where there is a living space attached to the garage, as they will not disturb any occupants.

Jackshaft openers are mounted on the wall to the right or left of your door and connect directly to the torsion bar to help raise and lower your garage door. Because they do not have a belt or chain, the opener itself is practically silent. Jackshaft openers are a common choice for garages with an obstruction, such as a beam in the ceiling, limiting the garage’s overhead space.

AC vs. DC motors: AC motors run the door at a consistent speed along the track, while DC motors have a soft open/close feature. Essentially, DC motors slow down right before the open or close is complete. As a result, DC motors are slightly quieter as they simply touch the floor or motor rail to stop rather than banging into them to stop.