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Garage Door Buyer’s Guide

A garage door can significantly transform the appearance and functionality of your home. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you choose the perfect garage door that enhances your home’s architecture and meets your specific needs.

Trends #

  1. Modern Planking
  • Originally considered rustic, modern planking now features clean horizontal and vertical lines, often without decorative hardware. This trend creates a sleek and contemporary look.
  1. Full Glass Doors
  • These doors turn your garage into a statement piece with their sleek, upscale design, making the garage a focal point of your home.
  1. Simplistic Flush and Plank Doors
  • With a minimalist design, these doors often feature windows as a focal point, arranged in a mosaic pattern or along the sides for a unique look.
  1. Bold Color Choices
  • Moving away from standard white, bold colors like evergreen and black add a striking visual impact to your home’s exterior.
  1. Customizable Materials
  • Wood, wood composite, and vinyl composite doors offer customization options from exotic wood species to personalized designs, making each door unique.

Design Considerations #

Architectural Elements

  • Match your garage door design with your home’s architecture. Whether your home has curves or right angles, square or arched windows, a cohesive design creates a uniform look.

Carriage House Style

  • Rustic: Traditional hardware like handles and straps create an old-world look.
  • Modern: Clean, hardware-free designs offer a timeless aesthetic.

Contemporary Style

  • Recognized for clean lines and unique material combinations, contemporary doors can feature materials like copper, redwood, and glass for a modern flair.

Traditional Style

  • Defined by raised or recessed panels, traditional doors remain popular for their simplicity and ability to match many home exteriors. They are often available in stock for quick projects.

Custom Doors

  • Custom garage doors allow for unique panel and window designs, tailored to match your home’s style.

Windows & Glass #

Architectural Match

  • Choose window designs that complement your home’s architectural style, enhancing its overall appearance.

Glass Options

  • Clear, tinted, frosted, or obscure glass can add privacy and style. Unique textures like seeded, hammered, or glue chip glass add a high-end look.

Window Layout

  • Modern designs explore unconventional window placements, such as mosaic patterns or larger windows in the top panel, to increase natural light and curb appeal.


  • Window Inserts: Removable plastic inserts for basic steel doors.
  • Simulated Divided Lites: Grilles placed on the front of the glass pane to mimic individual panes.
  • True Divided Lites: Individual glass panes within the window section, available for high-end wood and vinyl doors.

Insulated Glass

  • Ideal for energy efficiency, insulated glass consists of two panes with air in between. Most homeowners do not need argon-filled panes due to the movement of garage doors.

Decorative Hardware #

Materials and Styles

  • Aluminum: More expensive, rust-resistant, and available in various designs. Ideal for coastal areas.
  • Stamped Steel: Commonly included with carriage house doors, offering a maintenance-free option.

Adding Character

  • Decorative hardware, such as hinges, knockers, and handles, can enhance the door’s rustic or regal appearance, particularly on carriage house and custom doors.

Making Your Decision #

When choosing a garage door, consider your home’s architecture, desired level of customization, and specific functional needs. Whether opting for a trendy, modern design or a timeless traditional style, the right garage door can enhance your home’s curb appeal and overall value.

Need Help? #

If you have any questions or need further assistance in selecting the perfect garage door, don’t hesitate to give us a call! Stay tuned for next week’s “Garage Doors in Plain English” for more tips and insights.