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Garage Door Grilles Explained

Selecting the right grille for your garage door windows can significantly impact its overall appearance. Let’s delve into the two most common options: window inserts and simulated divided lites.

Window Inserts:

  • Description: Window inserts are commonly used on basic stamped steel doors to mimic the look of individual windows. Typically made of plastic with a wood grain finish, they offer various design options.
  • Appearance: When installed, these inserts sit on the exterior of the door’s glass panel, creating the illusion of separate window panes. However, some homeowners find the “snap-in” appearance lacks the desired finished look.
  • Construction: From the inside, a single pane of glass is visible, with the window grille placed externally. The grille itself may feel hollow and not entirely flat against the glass.

Simulated Divided Lites:

  • Description: Simulated divided lites are a popular choice for garage doors beyond basic stamped steel. They create the appearance of individual window panes using grille materials that match or resemble the door’s panel.
  • Appearance: The grille is integrated into the door panel, providing a seamless and finished look from the exterior. This option offers flexibility in matching your home’s style and design.
  • Construction: The window panel is crafted with the grille routed or cut out of the selected material, with glass placed behind it and a frame added for support. This construction allows for larger window sections and enhanced natural light inside the garage.

True Divided Lites:

  • Description: True divided lites feature individual glass panes within the window section, offering an authentic appearance. However, this option is rare and typically reserved for high-end wood and vinyl doors due to its cost.
  • Appearance: While true divided lites provide a classic aesthetic, they significantly increase the door’s cost and offer a similar look to simulated divided lites from the outside.

No matter your choice, opting for the right grille can enhance your garage door’s beauty and add value to your home. Consider your aesthetic preferences and budget when making this decision.