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7 Trending Garage Doors

These seven garage doors are not only modern and stunning but also nearly maintenance-free. They can be cleaned with a quick spray from the garden hose, making them an excellent choice for busy homeowners.

1. Mosaic Windows #

Wood Grain Garage Door with Mosaic Windows

  • Mosaic Window Patterns: Available in endless patterns, mosaic windows add a unique and artistic touch to your garage door. These windows can be arranged in various designs, making your garage door a true focal point.

2. Smooth Steel #

Smooth Steel vs. Stamped Steel

  • Smooth steel garage doors offer a sleek, modern look compared to the more traditional stamped steel. The smooth surface complements contemporary home designs and provides a clean, minimalist aesthetic.

3. Flush Panel #

Flush Panel with Mosaic Windows

  • Black Flush Panel: Combining the elegance of black flush panels with the artistic appeal of mosaic windows, these doors create a sophisticated and trendy appearance. The smooth surface and lack of visible hardware emphasize the modern style.

4. Overlays #

Smooth Steel with Overlay

  • Overlays on smooth steel garage doors add depth and clean lines, creating a modern carriage house look. Typically free of other hardware, these doors provide a sleek and polished appearance that enhances your home’s exterior.

5. Faux Wood #

Gray Planks Faux Wood Planks

  • Faux wood garage doors offer the beautiful appearance of wood with the low maintenance of steel. This blend of rustic charm and modern convenience makes them a popular choice for homeowners seeking both aesthetics and durability.

6. Larger Windows #

Simulated Divided Lights

  • These garage doors feature a window panel that is larger than the other three panels, known as simulated divided lights. This design allows for more natural light and a distinctive look that stands out from traditional garage door designs.

7. Full View Glass #

Full View Glass Garage Doors

  • Full view glass garage doors are trending for their clean lines and expansive glass panels that transform your home’s facade into a contemporary masterpiece. These doors not only provide a modern look but also allow natural light to flood your garage space.

Conclusion #

These trending garage doors combine modern design with practical benefits, offering homeowners stylish, low-maintenance options that enhance their home’s curb appeal. Whether you prefer the artistic touch of mosaic windows or the sleek look of full view glass, there’s a trending garage door to suit every style and need. For more information or to get a free estimate, contact us today!