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Elevating Style and Light: Exploring Garage Doors with Larger Windows

The evolution of garage door design has seen a departure from traditional steel raised panel configurations towards the allure of carriage house style doors. This shift has spurred innovation among garage door manufacturers, leading to the development of 3 panel garage doors capable of accommodating larger window designs in the top panel. However, transitioning to larger panel sizes necessitates a compatible garage door system equipped with tracks boasting a minimum 15-inch radius.

Carriage house style doors offer manufacturers the flexibility to adjust panel sizes, particularly in the top panel, facilitating the incorporation of more substantial windows. Unlike traditional raised or recessed panel doors, carriage house designs seamlessly accommodate varying panel dimensions, resulting in an enhanced aesthetic appeal. The expanded space allows for the integration of striking window designs, with many homeowners favoring arched windows for their pronounced elegance on the larger window panel.

While the majority of garage doors featuring larger windows boast simulated or true divided lites, exceptions exist. These lites entail constructing the window section using the same material as the rest of the door, eliminating the need for conventional window inserts. However, some manufacturers offer steel garage doors with oversized windows, necessitating the use of inserts. It’s essential to note that despite the larger window size, inserts occupy a portion of the window space. For those prioritizing ample natural light, simulated divided lites present the optimal solution.

Considering larger windows for your new garage door? Consult with your Door Designer to explore the best options tailored to your preferences and requirements. Their expertise will guide you in selecting the ideal garage door design that seamlessly combines style, functionality, and abundant natural light.

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