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Debunking Garage Door Cost Myths: Which Style Costs More?

Which Cost More: Garage Door Edition

Comparing the garage doors of two similar style homes, one might assume that the fancier-looking door costs more. However, the answer may surprise you.

Both homes feature stylish garage doors, but the door on the bottom home accentuates the overall design more effectively. Despite the perceived difference in cost, these doors likely fall within a similar price range, depending on the chosen insulation options.

The bottom door’s arched windows are a cost-effective addition that perfectly complements the colonial cut style. Additionally, the incorporation of hinges and straps adds visual appeal without breaking the bank.

Contrary to common belief, finding the right garage door for your home doesn’t necessarily mean spending more money. With a keen eye for design and strategic choices, homeowners can enhance their curb appeal without exceeding their budget.

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