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Whether you have questions about our warranty, installation process, or available garage door options, our FAQ section is designed to provide you with quick and reliable answers, ensuring that you have all the necessary information to make informed decisions.


As a locally owned business, we pride ourselves on being an integral part of our community, treating our customers as friends and neighbors. Our commitment to excellent service extends 24/7, as we promptly answer your calls and schedule skilled technicians to address your garage door issues. With licensed, bonded, and insured professionals, our team undergoes comprehensive training to ensure expertise and professionalism. Rest assured, we stand behind our work with the best warranty in the industry. At Precision Garage Door, we value your time and strive to quickly and efficiently resolve your garage door problems. Trust us to be there when you need us most!


We have you covered when it comes to garage door opener repairs and replacements. Our skilled technicians are experienced in servicing all major brands such as Liftmaster, Genie, Craftsman, Chamberlain, and more. For swift and convenient opener replacements, our trucks are equipped with Precision garage door openers. Rest assured, we’ll have your garage door operating smoothly in record time!

Absolutely! At Precision Garage Door, we value our customers, which is why we offer special discounts and promotions. We have ongoing military and senior citizen discounts available every day to show our appreciation. Additionally, we provide exclusive deals on new garage doors, openers, and services. It’s our way of making your experience with us even more affordable and rewarding! Contact us to learn more.

Garage door springs are crucial yet potentially hazardous components of your door. Over time, springs can wear out, typically lasting around 10,000 cycles. At Precision Garage Door of Spartanburg, we prioritize your safety by installing high-quality springs rated for up to 60,000 cycles. Broken springs can lead to injuries, especially with older doors. It’s important to have a professional technician inspect and replace springs if necessary. Even if only one spring is broken, it’s recommended to replace both to prevent further damage and ensure optimal functionality. Please remember that springs are under high tension and should only be adjusted or repaired by a qualified garage door professional.

To ensure your safety, it’s important to visually examine the cables that connect the spring system to the bottom brackets on both sides of your garage door. If you notice any signs of fraying or wear on these cables, they are at risk of breaking, posing a potential injury hazard. Please note that due to the high tension of the springs, it is crucial to have these cables replaced by a trained technician for your own safety.

If you notice that your garage door springs are squeaking or making noise during regular use, it is generally considered normal and does not necessarily indicate a problem. However, if the noise becomes louder over time or causes concern, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Our team will be happy to inspect your springs and address any potential issues.

It’s important to prioritize safety when operating your garage door. Many homeowners unknowingly risk injuring their fingers by placing them between the door sections while attempting to pull it down. To prevent such accidents, ensure that your door is equipped with pinch-resistant joints or has lift handles and suitable gripping points on both the inside and outside. Even if you have an opener, there may be instances where manual operation is required. In such cases, remember to always use the handles or safe gripping points and never place your fingers between the door sections.

If you notice that your garage door does not move up and down smoothly, it could be an indication of an unsafe condition. Even older door systems should operate without any issues. If the awkward operation persists when manually operating the door, it’s possible that your spring system is out of balance. It’s important to address this promptly as it can lead to premature wear and tear on other critical door components and even your garage door opener. Since spring systems are potentially hazardous, it is crucial to have them repaired by trained professionals.

When purchasing a new garage door, it can be tempting for homeowners to try to save money by using the old track. However, it’s important to consider that the compatibility of the old track with the new door may not be suitable. Factors such as the thickness of the sections, the weight of the door, the required headroom, the position of the garage door opener, and other considerations play a crucial role. The track and sections of the garage door work together as a system, and for optimal performance and durability, it is recommended to use the track specifically designed for your new door.

No, it is not recommended for a novice to install a garage door as it can be highly dangerous. The Door and Access Systems Manufacturers Association (DASMA) advises that garage doors should be installed by trained door systems technicians.

Your garage door, being the largest moving part in your home and frequently used, is subject to wear and tear over time, leading to potential safety issues. While regular monthly safety checks and maintenance are important, an annual inspection by a trained door systems technician can ensure the continued safe and smooth operation of your garage door for an extended period.

If your garage door is equipped with extension springs, it is essential to have a safety cable running through the spring and securely attached to the wall or ceiling at both ends. Extension springs are under high tension when the door is in the closed position, and if a spring were to break, it could potentially cause injury or property damage. A safety cable acts as a safeguard, keeping the broken spring contained. If your garage door has extension springs but lacks a safety cable, it is advisable to contact your local dealer for a safety inspection.
The bottom brackets of a garage door are directly connected to the door’s springs, placing them under significant tension. Adjusting or loosening these brackets should only be done by a trained door systems technician, as mishandling them can lead to accidents or damage. To enhance safety, many manufacturers incorporate tamper-resistant hardware that prevents inexperienced individuals from inadvertently loosening the brackets. It is always recommended to rely on the expertise of a professional when it comes to dealing with garage door components under tension.

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